From their earliest days, women around the world are bombarded with images that equate beauty with how they look and behave, and what they buy.

Help us to break the cycle, and teach girls and young women that who you are matters more than how you look. Support the Beauty Bank Club now.

Mainstream media—magazines, television programmes, movies, social networks, and more—sets the standard for how girls can make themselves “look” beautiful. Through implicit visual cues and even more explicit messaging, girls are taught to focus on their appearance, while downplaying their potential to contribute to their communities, families, and the workforce. And these often unreachable and overwhelmingly unhealthy goals portrayed in popular culture leave indelible marks on these young women’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and empowerment.

We believe that every girl should have the opportunity to express her inner beauty and vitality, regardless of what media norms dictate as “the right way” for women to look, feel, and behave.

That’s where The Beauty Bank Club comes in:

Our mission is to improve the lives of girls and young women aged 3–19, by dispelling the myth that beauty is only about an individual’s physical appearance.

We believe that young girls should be empowered to be the best version of themselves. We’re focused on educating, inspiring, and empowering girls and young women to enhance their self-confidence, to acknowledge their self-worth, and to recognize their life’s potential.

Our comprehensive program offers tools to challenge the current definitions of beauty that are so commonplace in media today.


  • In Canada, the number of girls who feel self-confident drops from 36% to 14% between Grades 6 and 10.1
  • 30% – the proportion of girls’ clothing that is sexualized.2
  • By 6 years of age, some girls say they want to look “sexy.”3
  • 50% of girls in a study from British Columbia reported wishing they were someone else.4
  • 60% of girls think they’re too fat, when they’re actually too thin by health standards.4
  • 90% of girls say they feel pressure from the media to be thin.5
  • 2x as many girls are cyberbullied as boys.6

For more insights into girls, self-esteem, and empowerment, visit the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

We’re giving girls and young women new solutions to reframe how they talk about, contribute to, and envision themselves within their communities, and teaching them that who they are and how they express themselves matters more than how they look and the things they buy.

Help us to empower girls and young women to enhance their self-confidence and recognize their full potential. Donate now.

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The Beauty Bank Club is built upon four major tenets that when focused upon, have been proven to empower women around the world:


Developing new life skills today, to promote the leaders of tomorrow

Physical Activity

Encouraging girls to stay active and keep moving, and to continue to reach for new goals and accomplishments throughout their lives

Social Responsibility

Instilling a sense of responsibility and teaching girls the importance of rallying support for social good in their communities

Financial Literacy

Building capacity and enabling girls’ confidence in themselves and their ability to thrive

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The Beauty Bank Club’s “Beauty Code”

helps to build character and allows each girl’s inner beauty to shine with RRK:

Respect  |  Responsibility  |  Kindness


The Beauty Bank Club offers online resources as well as downloadable study guides, workbooks and journals, and other assets which have been specially designed for use individually or in a group setting to help motivate, inspire, and empower girls and young women worldwide, ages 3–19.

Program components:

  1. Upon joining the Beauty Bank Club, members will be prompted to take the Beauty Pledge:

“I promise to balance my beauty needs by paying as much attention to my inner beauty as I do to my outer beauty. Because who I am matters.”

  1. Members must adhere to the Beauty CodeRespect, Responsibility, Kindness (RRK)—and incorporate it into their daily activities.
  1. My Beauty Bank:
  • Using an interactive online platform, parents or other adult(s) will open a Beauty Account for their daughters. Parents or other adults will then also select the statement frequency, plus the Beauty Points Rewards and investment options based on their family values and what matters most for the young girl for whom the account has been opened. Parents or other adults and the young girl in question can also set goals for the year (e.g., If they gain a specific number of Beauty Points over the course of the year, they will receive a specific reward).
  • Parents or other adults can deposit Beauty Points into member accounts based on behaviour at home and at school; this component is geared primarily towards young girls.
  • Beauty Points are awarded when members adhere to the Beauty Pledge and the Beauty Code, and when they behave in ways that reflect positively on their character.
  • This tool also provides girls with tips on how to maintain their Beauty Points.
  • Girls review their Beauty Bank statements with the adult(s); statements can be viewed online or printed out for later review.
  • Adults can tie the Beauty Points Rewards to experiences (such as a movie night or a sleepover party) or can transfer the Points into a monetary value, which can be deposited into an actual bank account (via link with their chosen financial institution). Beauty Bank Points are given in increments of 500:

Beauty Points Rewards

Points Required

Reward Value

500 points


1,000 points


1,500 points

Movie night

2,000 points

$50 credit to bank account

3,500 points

Donation to charitable organization of choice

25,000 points


  • Beauty Bank Points can also be debited from the Beauty Bank Account if the girl’s behaviour has not supported the Beauty Pledge and the Beauty Code. This offers an opportunity for adult(s) to communicate in greater depth on the importance of upholding behaviours and attitudes that align with the principles of Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness.
  1. The Beauty Bank Account is supported by resources that encourage discussion and participation by wider audiences and focus on the four tenets—Education, Physical Activity, Social Responsibility, and Financial Literacy:
  • Beauty Ambassador Program Workbooks: Geared to different age groups (3–5 years; 6–10 years; 11+), these hard-copy workbooks can be personalized to each girl, and their content promotes a healthy concept of beauty, by encouraging girls to engage in positive discussions about what it means to be beautiful in different contexts, while emphasizing that notions of beauty relate more to who they are and how they uphold the Beauty Code (Respect, Responsibility, Kindness) than to how they look.
  • Beauty Discussion Guide: Redefines beauty through engaging in healthy and positive conversations with peers and adults on the elements that make a person beautiful inside and out.

Benefits to Beauty Bank Club members:

  • Participants build confidence in their abilities as empowered change agents.
  • Young girls will grow to understand that more options exist for how they define beauty within themselves that fall outside of established norms related to appearance.
  • Participants learn about money management, gain insights into how to be responsible with their money, and lay the foundation for a healthy financial future.
  • Girls learn how to be Respectful, Responsible, and Kind leaders of tomorrow.

And the best reward: Enhancing self-esteem in girls and young women, by providing them with the opportunity to be impactful leaders and powerful change agents in their own lives and those of other girls and young women in the future.

Support our movement to increase confidence and self-respect in girls and young women. Learn more here.

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With your help, we can make these programs and resources accessible to young girls worldwide.

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