Our History


Established in 2009, Bellemoun Community Youth Network (BCYN) is a not-for-profit organization formed to empower youth, raise their self-esteem and facilitate connections between youth led organizations in the Caribbean and individuals and organizations in North America, in order to build capacity for social development. BCYN’s mandate is to empower young change agents to LEAD, elevate them to reach their full potential and support them through leadership programs and community engagement.

Our Mission

To celebrate the work of remarkable young change agents.

To build stronger ties among our communities.

To provide programs and resources that help youth develop leadership, business and life skills.

To impact our world- one young mind at a time.

To inspire the leaders of today- our youth.

To elevate youth to reach their fullest potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Organizational Model

We provide visibility of youth leaders and their work through a network and online portal.

We provide training programs in personal and professional leadership in order to empower youth to live and operate at their best.

We engage community partners and work together to support programs deeply rooted in reach & sustainability.

Our Team

Karlyn Percil



Vernette Eugene